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Roman Blinds: 10 Reasons to choose them for your home

This month the team at Hops and Camellias gives us 10 reasons why Roman Blinds are ideal as window dressings.

  1. The soft pleats of Roman Blinds give a more decorative look when folded, but hang flat when lowered, showing off your fabric choice beautifully.
  2. They can be simple and minimalist in design, or decorative and elaborate depending on your choice of pattern, fabric and colour. They work equally well for romantic, traditional or contemporary interiors, and can feel either relaxed or formal.
  3. Flat fold or classic style Roman blinds can be made from most types of fabric, so the choice is endless. We suggest you avoid over heavy or rigid fabric as the blind won’t stack neatly.
  4. They are much better for windows by a radiator.  If you have long curtains that cover your radiators, the heat will sit between the curtain and the window. With Roman blinds, you’ll be able to make the most of the heat in your home.
  5. They are perfect for a kitchen or bathroom, since you don’t want any bulky fabric over the sink area, or any extra fabric taking up space in one of the smallest rooms in the home.
  6. You can really go to town and use a bold pattern and make a focal point of the window, without a fear of going OTT. Since you use less material overall, a Roman blind won’t overwhelm a window like it could with a pair of curtains.
  7. They are perfect for smaller windows that could be overwhelmed with a pair of bulky curtains. Hang Roman blinds either on the wall surrounding the recess in place of curtains, or else fit them inside the window frame if you don’t have the space.
  8. Roman blinds can also be lined in thermal or blackout fabric making them ideal for draughty cottages and children’s rooms. Choose a slightly thicker material to help insulate windows and keep your home warm.
  9. They protect from glare and give privacy as you can control how much to open/close the blind, to let the perfect amount of light into your home. A sheer fabric blind is a modern alternative to traditional net curtains, that can also be double hung behind the main fabric blind.
  10. Combining curtains with a Roman blind gives you more opportunity to layer texture and pattern in your home. The key is to choose coordinating designs, either plain or patterned, that are linked by colour or style.

“Roman blinds can even be motorised for ease to add a touch of James Bond glamour!” finishes Elaine Skinner, Design Director at Hops and Camellias. “We offer clients a bespoke blind making service and we can take the hassle out of measuring up accurately for you, or you can request our easy measuring guide. We have a fantastic choice of fabrics to choose from in our Truro and Rock showrooms that can be ordered by the metre for interior projects. We are always happy to help or advise our customers, just get in touch.”