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How to get that look…

We are very used to clients saying “I saw this picture in a magazine and it’s the boutique style I want in my home…”

Of course this is something that we can certainly do – achieving varied and personalised adaptations of ‘looks’ is a huge part of being a successful designer. What’s more small space living shouldn’t stop you from going all out to create a boutique style. We want our clients to feel as though they have achieved the essence of a look, without it being just the same as everyone else’s. It’s all about identifying the key elements of the scheme, so that you can recreate ‘the look’ at home.

Boutique style is all about creating a sense of luxury through the use of tactile texture and quality finishes.  “When you look at the individual elements of a room, don’t be afraid of using daring pieces, once the room or property is complete, the flow is magnificent and the daring pieces no longer seem so daring,” explains Elaine Skinner, Design Director at Hops and Camellias.

What: Bespoke sofa

This sofa had to be bespoke because of the sizing. There simply was not enough space here to put a standard sized sofa. The texture and the colour were specifically chosen to create a boutique style and detach the mind from the size of the space,  allowing you or your guests to focus on the luxuriousness of it instead.

Cost: Around £1,000.00

Where: Hops and Camellias & Co. supplier, ask us for more details about our upholstery service.

Hops and Camellias Sleepery design project twin bedroom with wooden headbaord

What: Bespoke Headboard

Yes, the headboard is a large piece of solid oak! It is such a beautiful piece that we snapped it up from a local carpenter at a great price. The wood looks fantastic here used as a statement headboard, plus it was too good to turn down! The large size means it works, whether the zip and link beds are separated, or pushed together. The grandness of the headboard helps achieve the boutique style – it’s unapologetic and celebrates its simplicity.

Cost: Depends on size, but often offcuts or recycled pieces of wood can be picked up cheaply – see what bargain you can get!

Where: Speak to your local carpenter or tradesman.


Bespoke compact sofa covered in gold crushed velvet  Luxurious Zoffany gold designer fabric available from Hops and Camellias

What: Bespoke Curtains (just seen)

We chose this gorgeous Zoffany Umi fabric to add a zing of colour, whilst keeping that luxurious boutique hotel feel.

Cost: £108.00 per metre.

Where: Order your fabric from Hops and Camellias then run them up yourself, (if you’re handy with a needle and thread), otherwise give us rough window measurements and we can cost up bespoke curtains for you.

If you want to try a similar look at home here’s more information from our decorators notebook:

Walls: Painted in Farrow & Ball Inchyra Blue 289 Modern Emulsion 5L £74.50

Woodwork: Painted in Farrow & Ball Inchyra Blue 290 Full Gloss 2.5L £60.50

Wallpaper: We used Farrow & Ball Paisley BP4705 £97.00 per roll