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Want to know what the latest interior design trends of 2020 are and how they can inspire your decorating schemes this year? Here are my top 8 favourites: 

First up: Neutral Colours. What I don’t mean is white on white! Neutral colours do not compete – they’re those fabulous colours that allow layering and the use of bright or bold colours alongside them.  Dulux Colour of the Year 2020 is Tranquil Dawn, a gorgeous muted, soft green that is perfect for creating a neutral space with an edge. The inspiration behind the colour is ‘the nation’s mood on the approach of a new decade’ as we all seek more calm and connection in an ever-increasingly busy world. We are all striving for that little bit extra peace and harmony in our lives and neutral spaces are a great way to achieve this.

Wonderful velvet. A massive hit in 2019 and one that is going to stay throughout 2020. I love the level of luxury that a well-chosen velvet piece can bring to a room, whether a sofa, chair or headboard. Gone are the days of velvet meaning Victoriana (although these shades still very much have their place). Velvet is now available in a multitude of colours, from soft pinks to brights and beyond, they also come in clever fabric formats meaning easier cleaning too!

Wallpaper., one of my favourite things to bring some luxury and layering to a room. For a while, it was seen as unfashionable to use wallpaper, but now it a key part of luxe design. The possibilities are brilliantly limitless and there is something for every taste and budget on offer. Wallpaper can be daunting but being brave and bold can bring a real sense of personality and opulence to your space.

How trends change! While minimalism use to be key, 2020 now looks like the year of maximalism. This next trend prediction focuses on bringing more to a space, using more elements and lots and lots of layering. On this project, I used mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors to enhance what could be an undervalued corridor and really adds a sense of personality to the property.

However, a word of warning – there is a fine line between maximalism and just too much. Part of my job as your Interior Designer is to bring my skills of combining old/new and layering to make a home feel comfortable and calm. My advice: don’t go it alone and end up feeling overwhelmed and cluttered.

Sustainability. Fast fashion has been a topic of conversation for a while now, as we all become more aware of where our clothing comes from and the processes involved. This ‘trend’ looks likely to translate to our homes this year. This can mean anything from buying furniture items made from local materials and sustainably sourced to recycling and upcycling our homewares. Wherever possible I always incorporate existing furniture and objects with new, Getting the mix of old and new right is not as easy as it looks. On one hand, you don’t want it to look like a junk shop, on the other hand, you don’t want it too sharp and new. Blending all of these types of furniture is an art; a secret recipe I’ve honed during my 30 years’ experience.

Blue is the new grey! Has our love affair with gorgeous grey come to an end? It could well be so. Not only is blue a great colour for the maximalism trend, for velvet sofas and accessories, statement wallpapers and our continued love of dark rooms but it’s also the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020, Classic Blue. I have always had a love of using blue in interiors and this particular shade is an extremely usable and elegant one. Watch this space.

Our love of pink continues for 2020, not just destined for little girl bedrooms, we now embrace it throughout the home. Whether a statement fridge, couch or on your walls, from blush to bright, the use of pink (in the right quantity and shades) can add a real sense of style and luxe to any room.

Texture. One of my all-time favourites! 2020 will see the increase of texture being used to add interest to rooms. Layering textures has always been my ‘thing’ it adds an instant sense of luxury living to any space. It’s a great way of adding a different vibe to a room and adding additional interest to a neutral scheme. There are lots of ways to achieve the look, from wallpaper to adding layer upon layer of throws, cushions, blankets and rugs. Adding house plants, art and dried flowers (another big trend for 2020)  is another great way to bring some extra textures and interest to a space.

If you’d like some help getting these interior design trends bang on trend, then give Elaine a call. At Hops and Camellias, we offer our clients the full range of interior design services and everything in between, whether you are looking for a full design service, some professional advice to set you off in the right direction at the start of your project or, just need some extra handholding or advice throughout, I’m only a phone call away.  Why not book a consult call with Elaine over on our contact page.