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Luxury holiday homes are what we do, whether it’s a private client looking for an interior design consultant to manage their project, or to meet the exacting standards of a luxury holiday let agency, we understand every nuance of the luxury holiday industry. It’s through these years of experience and knowledge that I totally understand what it takes to grab attention over your competitors and what the most discerning, top-paying staycationers expect from a holiday home. Most importantly, if you are looking to let through a luxury agency, you need to know what they will insist upon and the standards your property needs to meet.

At Hops and Camellias we bridge the gap between property owners and luxury let agencies, ensuring everything inside (and out) tick all the required boxes. The essentials for a luxury holiday let are dependent on the property size – and they can be scaled up or down, depending on the amount of space available. One of the real differences in luxury is the feeling of ‘more of’ – You need to think in layers, having just the basics in a room won’t make the grade, you need to add in those extra touches to show that guest comfort is a priority and to keep them coming back.


Here’s are a few of my insider tips and tricks, room by room:


A luxury kitchen needs to be the perfect mix of exceptional quality and functionality, with breakfast bar, wine fridge, coffee machine and somewhere to sit and have a drink (sofa or seating area). All space-dependent of course. If your property is small, you need to get creative to tick these boxes. Items such as crockery or glassware should be carefully considered and of high quality, with breakages replaced immediately, like for like.  Kitchens in luxury holiday homes must be equipped with everything that a guest would expect in their own kitchens, if not better. You need the Jamie Oliver pans and the barista standard coffee machine as standard.

Dining room:

If the house has a separate dining room, it is important to have really good dining chairs – imagine the guests having long lazy lunches or fine dining dinner parties, they will want to be comfortable. Don’t skimp on the dining table either, where space allows, it needs to be big and there should be a sideboard for serving and additional seating for pre-drinks too. Get into your ‘luxury’ guests mindset, whatever your guest has in their home, they will expect to have better on holiday. So if someone is paying £5,000 per week to rent a holiday home, it is reasonable to assume their own home is probably worth more than £2 million, so they will naturally be expecting the best.


The sitting room/lounge will be a place where guests find themselves spending time relaxing, or having a pre-dinner drinks, so it’s important to invest in really good quality sofas and armchairs, that aren’t in standard colours. Take time to find super cushions, rugs, and wallpaper. Invest in double blinds or curtains and blinds, have side tables to the side of every sofa, a coffee table or footstool, reading lamps, and adjustable main lighting. The main thing is not to be frightened of colour – luxury is not dull and neutralised.  It’s so easy to opt for ‘just white’ but white is not luxury – it only really works in a cutting edge contemporary home, otherwise it can look cold, uninviting and cheap.


You have to get have your basics right, think wardrobe or hanging space, a chest of drawers, bedside tables and a bed to die for! Then add the layers, they make the difference. In a luxury home, the client would also expect at least two comfortable seating spaces in their bedroom, a side table, plus two types of window dressings (one for privacy and one to blackout). As mentioned before, wallpaper is a must instead of paint (if not completely, then at least partially) and think Cole & Son (not B&Q) with sumptuous rugs on top of quality carpets – in essence, you are doubling the layers to double the luxury.


This room must have a premium bathroom suite with top quality sanitary-ware.  The shower needs to be a good size, at least walk-in, with good fixtures and fittings throughout. You’ll also need to make sure your towels are big, fluffy and look fresh and new.

Outside space:

Depending on the space you have, you would expect a decent dining table outside, with chairs to seat all of the guests; just like everything inside the property, this needs to be high quality, not disposable, not high-street. Sun-loungers (with cushions), a good BBQ area, maybe a fire-pit or a hot tub, an outside shower, and surf rack if appropriate. If you’ve only a small space, offer what you can, just always try to wow and impress with what you have.

Overall, I would always advise checking with your letting agency of choice first, to see if they have any specific requirements with regards to fixtures and fittings and to make sure you don’t spend on the wrong things. When you are furnishing your property it’s really important to remember what a well informed and visual world we live in, everyone can spot Ikea furniture or Dunelm cushions, we all know what these products look like. The guests you are trying to attract expect a lot better than they have in their own homes, it’s why they are willing to pay top money to stay there, so don’t disappoint with cut corners and keep them coming back again and again.
Getting this right isn’t as easy as it might seem and so often clients come to us who tried to do it themselves but whose efforts didn’t quite meet the mark, the letting agents weren’t happy with the result they achieved and subsequently lowered the expected revenue. To save you time and money in the long run and to ensure you get it right the first time, get the experts involved from the beginning, despite what you might think, we will make you money and save you a huge amount of stress in the process, it’s win-win. 

Give Elaine a call to discuss your project and let us get you fully booked for 2020.