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Whether you have had a poor letting season last year, or want to get more from your holiday home investment, now’s the time to plan ahead.

Holiday home design know how

Owners often over-estimate the revenue they will get from letting properties and under-estimate the amount of work they have to do in order generate bookings over the holiday letting season. In our experience, a higher and individual standard of furnishing will enable you to set a higher rental price and could potentially give you a higher occupancy rate in your holiday home throughout the year, with more repeat bookings. It’s a competitive market, so you have to stand out against the others!

Elaine Skinner of leading interior design practice Hops and Camellias has these recommendations:

  • Aim to exceed expectations with your decor and furnishings.

Your holiday home is not the place to offload granny’s old sofa or oddball bits of furniture you no longer want. Your letting property, irrespective of the holiday theme, should have a consistent style and image, with stand out features, stylish interior design and flawless décor. Remember that guests are looking for a holiday home that is at least on a par with, or better than their own home.

  • Opt for neutral furnishings with colourful accessories to maximise your appeal to guests.

Don’t just stick to white walls, it’s as bad as 80’s magnolia. Be brave, make it feel like a home, not a typical run of the mill show flat. If you make your holiday home look and feel like a cherished property, then your guests are likely to look after it more. If in doubt use grey! Greys aren’t just a passing phase, they’re the go-to neutral. It’s not easy it can often make or break a space, so get a designer that’s experienced in layering to help. Grey is so versatile that it can work for any style, anywhere. “I fell in love with greys as soon as I tried it,” enthuses Elaine Skinner, “my darkest favourite is Farrow & Ball’s Downpipe, its a bold, smoky hue.”

  • Buy quality furniture that will be hardwearing.

Bear in mind that your holiday home will get a lot more traffic, so items will need replacing regularly due to wear-and-tear. Don’t buy state of the art technical items that are expensive to replace, mid-range is best and don’t economise on the basics: good-quality sheets and fluffy towels, comfortable beds, powerful showers, a sturdy dishwasher and washing machine as well a kitchen that stocks everything a chef would need.

  • Don’t lock away all your personal items in your holiday home.

There’s nothing worse than opening the door to a bland and lifeless holiday house. Retain those special personal touches that reflect your individuality and personality – your guests will appreciate them! Books, magazines, DVDs, games and toys are great touches that holiday makers will appreciate in the evening or when the sun stops shining.  Leave plastic picnic items for guests to use on the beach, outdoor cushions and garden furniture to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, as well as hurricane lamps and cosy throws for balmy nights. Guests on holiday have more time on their hands for relaxing, entertaining and generally being together. It is no longer acceptable to offload tatty old furniture and mismatched plates that look as if they were sourced from a variety of long lost relatives.

  • Don’t shy away from the unusual or quirky – embrace it!

In the high end holiday let market, it’s all about attention to detail. Get a designer to arrange artwork displayed on the walls and pile up books in the study. If you are charging high end rental then don’t mistrust your quests; treat them with respect and give them everything you’d expect to find in a holiday home of that calibre.

Above all enlist the help of a professional who can offer solid advice, with the experience and know-how to do it. Pay the fees and then relax and enjoy the increase in revenue and further bookings. Speak to us about our furniture packs and our holiday home refurbishment services.