Keynvor View, Sennen

The Client Brief:

The client had grown up in this house, it was therefore very personal to him and his brother. He had his own builder who was doing a complete renovation however, it got to the point where he needed help. This happens often, clients undertake the complete project with a builder themselves and there comes a point when many decisions need to be made, which becomes overwhelming and the client realises they need design advice. The client explains myself that they wanted to let the house with Cornish gems at their high-end creep level, whilst retaining the property for family use also and thus keeping many memories alive. They asked us to help select and source materials to complete the build and work with the builder in the finishing stages. They then asked us to give a complete decoration scheme, furniture scheme and window treatment scheme and accessorise the property to the level that Cornish gems clients expect. As with many of these projects the build cost a lot more than the client had initially budgeted for as a result when we step in towards the end the budget is limited. This is very difficult because the high-end rental market have high expectations and companies like Cornish gems have set criteria for this level of letting. We therefore had to be very mindful of the budget left and ensure all of these boxes were ticked. This means we often have to advise of what is essential against what would be nice as personal preference.

Our Process:

After initially speaking to the client and holding site visits with the builder and Cornish gems we devised a timescale of deliverables up until the day that the photographs need to be taken to start marketing the property and getting revenue back in the client.
The result: We achieved all of the above and more in a very tight timescale and the results are outstanding. Throughout this project the client was out of county and most of the time out of country. Elaine is used to working in this manner on a regular basis with most of her clients and yet maintains a very personal service and is mindful of the different constraints and personal preferences on each and every project and client.

Services Given:
Interior Design
Window Treatments
Project Management
Fixtures, furnishing and equipment
Turn Key Finish