Elynglas, Holywell Bay

The Property:

Elynglas is a renovated old vicarage in Holywell Bay.

The Client Brief:

The client and her family have been undertaking a full renovation of this old vicarage and its surrounding land with Cathedral builders of Truro. They got to the stage in the project where the white walls throughout were overwhelming and realised the many decisions that the builders were asking for would too much to take alone.

At the very last stages of the project, the client contacted Elaine Skinner at Hops and Camellias and asked her to come out as a matter of an emergency to help straightaway. Elaine, in a matter of days, created a decoration scheme which the clients loved and the builders embraced quickly, starting by adding some subtle coastal tones around the property.

Elaine was on hand to advise the builders where each colour or tone should start or stop. The client then asked Elaine to give them a full furniture and window treatment scheme to complete the property. The brief was foremost that this was their family home, to bring them altogether at holiday points in the year. Like most second homes, it also needed to bring in its own revenue. The clients asked Elaine to do this as they knew very quickly that she understood how to balance these two areas and that she would make honest opinions so nothing ended up being compromise.

They also asked Elaine for advice on who they should market their holiday home with. Elaine happily recommended Sarah Hemsley at Cornish Gems. Not only was she local to the property but Elaine knew that this would sit well in their portfolio and get maximum revenue for her client.

Our Process:

Elaine worked closely with the Client and her family, Cornish Gems, Cathedral Builders and the landscapers. Site meetings were carried out regularly and what was a last-minute job, ended up as an incredible result and a portfolio piece for all

The Result:

All of the client’s brief was met and more. It is successfully let through Cornish Gems and the family have enjoyed many get-togethers since completion. The result is effortless, timeless and fitting to the period of the property, and most of all fitting to the client’s personality and taste.

Services Given:
Interior Design
Window Treatments
Fixtures, furnishing and equipment
Turn Key Finish