Trelintie, Mawgan Porth

The Property:

This property was in the heart of Mawgan Porth, close to the beach. The clients wanted a perfect beach retreat.

The Client Brief:

The clients lived overseas and wanted to turn this property into a retreat for them and their visiting families. When they purchased the property, it had a half-built large extension which Elaine Skinner remodelled to suit the original property.

Our Process:

The property was disjointed, and the room sizes varied. The original house proportions were out of set with the new extension, so part of Elaine’s process was to reconfigure the rooms to flow and have form. The whole thing needed to feel it had always been that way. The extension had to be completed and modified, staircases added, windows throughout replaced, conservatory replaced, flooring levelled throughout, new bathrooms added, and the kitchen modified and toned to fit the new designs. Lighting and rewiring were required everywhere and then full interior design and furnishing

The Result:

A coffee book interior design result. The photographs from this house are still used regularly. It is timelessly elegant and on point.

Services Given:
Interior Design
Window Treatments
Bespoke Furniture
Bathroom design up
Project management
Fixtures, furnishing and equipment
Turn Key Finish