Hooked on the Rocks – Restaurant

>Hooked on the Rocks overlooks Swanpool Beach in Falmouth and is set in a stunning location with arguably one of the best views around. On analysing the restaurants old format, the manager Emma identified several constraints, which we wanted to address for her, as well as giving the restaurant an exciting new look. Firstly we wanted to allow customers to sit at the bar to enjoy watching the chef in the open kitchen, but still allow serving to take place. Secondly, we wanted to give guests an alternative waiting area that was secondary to the bar seating, so that they didn’t feel odd if a table wasn’t available straight away.

The new luxe look for Hooked on the Rocks has taken a deeper, richer and sumptuous direction. Still embracing the amazing coastal location with panoramic views hugging the restaurant, we have designed an atmosphere that works both in the summer and more importantly in the winter too, since the summer trade is a given in a location like Hooked! The project was delivered on a very tight deadline (we had to be open in time for Valentines Day) and required precise scheduling and project management of all contractors.

The result is a beautiful velvet sofa area where you can enjoy a drink before being ushered to your table. The new layout also introduced a ‘meet and greet’ station for the manager and her waiting staff – a welcome addition that also helps the flow of the service to guests. The seating layout was always tricky and guests that didn’t get a sea view window seat were always secondary, so we focused was on making this secondary seating more important, creating intimate and luxe booth areas for different groups of people, whilst also creating different zones for different occasions. Hooked is a good example of how Hops and Camellias & Co. use interior design to give the restaurant year round appeal.