Blue Water, St Ives

The Property:

A centrally located two-bedroom apartment with stunning sea views of St Ives Harbour.

The Client Brief:

Blue Water is a first floor two-bedroom apartment situated on St Andrew’s Street in the centre of St Ives. The open plan living space makes the most of the large picture window that offers uninterrupted views of St Ives Harbour and Godrevy lighthouse.

Striking colours paired with soft patterns and textures throughout created depth in the scheme. The bathrooms were very dark, the client wanted them lightening up. Space was also an issue and our client wanted to ensure we used everything available. Our client valued our honesty, experience and direction of the design. The apartment was to have a sleek contemporary look that wasn’t obviously coastal and had a clear design influence throughout.

Our Process:

The clients wanted to let the property as high-end and therefore the design needed to be at a level where the client would enjoy visiting but equally appeal to guests as it doubled up as a business. The main aim for our client was to give them a return on their investment. By inputting more at the beginning and achieving stunning results, the apartment would achieve a higher rental value per week and stand out from the crowd.

The Result:

The apartment is now being successfully let with bookings flowing in for summer and winter via Cornish Horizons. We regularly add more each season. In 2019 the kitchen will be replaced

Services Given:
Interior Design
Window Treatments
Bathroom designs
Project Management
Fixtures, furnishing and equipment
Turn Key Finish