The Point Estate, Polzeath

The Property:

The property is a late style home on the well-known Point Estate in Polzeath.

The Client Brief:

The client had been passed on the home from her parents. It had a very 80’s feel with dark wood frame windows, decorative doors and ironmongery and fussy details throughout in the bathrooms. Yet it was very spacious, and every bedroom had an ensuite. Being an estate house, they were all very similar and the interior was particular to the year of build. The next generation wanted to ensure that it was modernised but also given some individuality. They wanted it entirely re-decorated, completely refurnished and then some key design details added to create character and focus.

Our Process:

Elaine started out by spending time with the clients getting to know what she loved and how she wanted to spend their time in the property. This became a process to filter out how the property currently didn’t work for her clients. They were a large family with many hobbies and interests, the house needed to encompass this. Elaine looked at all the areas that didn’t work and set about reusing them for different purposes. She created five new bathrooms with better layouts then added larger showers and coastal style tiling. She re-planned the living room and conservatory to suit their lives and habits throughout the day. She focused on the dining area as a focal point for family gatherings.

The Result:

This was a very personal service and a very close relationship where client and designer got to know each other very well, which is why the end result is such a success. The clients gave Elaine approval to make, in their eyes, some brave decisions that they wouldn’t have made on their own. The result was therefore an exciting outcome one. The clients were very proud to then show off their new home.

Services Given:
Interior Design
Window Treatments
Bespoke Furniture
Bathroom design up
Project management
Fixtures, furnishing and equipment
Turn Key Finish