Azure, Porthminster

The Property:

Set in a plum location just above the white sands of Porthminster Beach, St Ives, this wonderfully spacious and indulgent split-level house offers 4 beautiful boutique style bedrooms including penthouse level master bedroom, generous living spaces and a welcoming outside terrace ensuring ample accommodation for up to 8 guests.

The Client Brief:

We had worked for this client before on other properties he had in Cornwall, all of which we had designed renovated all refurbished and then furnished throughout. Azure was a new build by Acorn developments. There were several in a row and our client wanted to ensure that his is let regularly and for a higher price than others in the same development. We had a proven track record with him when we had achieved this with another development that he owned a home in. The brief was that, the client did use the property himself, but he handed free rein to Elaine Skinner to design it as she pleased. He lets the property through Cornish Gems as he had with others he owns.

Our Process:

To be successful in getting the highest revenue and most bookings in a development where others with the same property are also competing, means you need to add something extra. Elaine Skinner at Hops and Camellias understands only too well how to achieve this. She says “It’s all about layering. With basic properties you have the essentials, with mid-range properties you have some extras, with high-end properties you have more design layers and high-end finishes. For example, paint on walls doesn’t suffice, wallpaper does, one blind in the window doesn’t suffice you need two layers in each window and so on and so on.” Elaine’s process on achieving this is down to 30 years’ experience.

The Result:

The brief was met in full. This property is now rented at a higher revenue price than others in the same development.

Services Given:
Interior Design
Window Treatments
Bespoke Furniture
Fixtures, furnishing and equipment
Turn Key Finish