Rosehill, Little Petherick

The Property:

A new build with fantastic architectural features and green valley views, situated off a leafy Lane in Little Petherick.

The Client Brief:

The Client lived out of the county most of the time. This was a dream holiday home and she had a very clear vision of how she wanted the house to look but needed help pulling it together. Elaine loved all of her ideas and worked closely with the client, as desired. Elaine was asked to create room schemes for every room and then to furnish throughout. Elaine came up with ideas which matched up with the clients likes and dislikes. She asked the client to take a leap of faith on a few things. She knew once they were done the client would love them and she did! All the surfaces, chairs and beds were created, shaped and designed by Elaine.

The Process:

Elaine spent plenty of time at the beginning of the project to ensure she truly understood exactly what the client’s taste was, to ensure that all her selections what done with her client’s eyes. Schemes were created for everywhere and added wallpaper to rooms that had a newly-built feel without losing the character of the areas with architectural features.

The Result:

The end result was a true collaboration between the client and the designer. Although Elaine did much of the sourcing and supplying of the furnishings, there were many elements that the client added also. The relationship between Elaine and the client grew daily through many texts and emails, checking what purchases would work.

Elaine said “This is been one of my favourite recent projects, the house was a delight and building the relationship with this client has been really really enjoyable. I’m looking forward to popping in very soon the drinks and a laugh and of course to admire the end result”

Services Given:
Interior Design
Window Treatments
FF & E
Turn Key Finish