The Old Ale House, Truro

The Property:

In the centre of Truro Town centre, this is the Tap House to Skinners Brewery.

The Client Brief:

The client is one of the family businesses, so Elaine Skinner had her work cut out! She was asked to come up with a scheme to renovate the first floor of The Old Alehouse pub. This area had previously just been a dumping space and many years ago, an old club. Many locals may still have hazy memories of it! The area was going to be used in conjunction with River Cottage Restaurants so the juxtaposition of the Brewery and River Cottage was critical. The budget was small. The desired look was to seem like it had always been there, with warm furniture, cosy interiors and colour schemes.

Our Process:

Complete rip out, re-decorate and furnish ready for opening night.

The Result:

In the end the property looks is if it had always been this way. Nothing looked added, only sympathetic and on point. The restaurant was well received and is now very popular. Latterly River Cottage have moved on and the area is now used is a very successful events room.

Services Given:
Interior Design
Bespoke Furniture
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
Turn Key Finish