Tregullas, Kea

Tregullas was a fabulous property. The owner had the property sitting on the market for quite some time without being bought. The new Estate Agent suggested that they contact Elaine Skinner to re-model and stage the empty property before they went back on the market. Some basic re-modeling projects can recoup up to 80% or more of their costs during a resale and increase the value.

The clients went ahead and Elaine created an ‘Interiors Review’ to help them understand what needed to be done.

Elaine explains: “My first feeling was the house seemed somewhat abandoned and unloved. What few remaining pieces of furniture were left, were not adding anything. They feel left and unwanted, which makes the property look not cared for. There are personal items around which feel as if they are being used as a stop gap. Family pictures add to this sense of abandonment – the opposite to the grounds. Unfurnished, the house feels like a maze”.

However it wouldn’t take too much to bring it together and actually enhance it. Elaine concentrated on furnishing the main house and upgrading walls and floors in the annexe.

The clients asked to go ahead and very quickly received a proposal with what work was necessary and costings. They proceeded straight away and the work and furnishing was completed in 4 weeks. 


“We were delighted by our experience of working with Hops and Camellias. Elaine understood our brief fully and executed  it to plan and on budget.  The project was delivered remotely (our main home is 300 miles away)  so we were not able to see the progress Elaine was making. She delivered a great outcome for us and did so working with a high degree of independence. We would work with her again, without hesitation or reservation.”

Services given:
Interior Design
Floors Walls
Fixtures, furnishing and equipment
Home Staging