Trewesen, Rock

The Property:

A new build with fantastic architectural features and far reaching views, sold to the new owners by John Bray estate agents in Rock.

The Client Brief:

The Client lived out of the county most of the time. She had a very clear vision of how she wanted the house to look. The client wanted to work closely with Elaine and also at a lot of the details herself. She wanted an eclectic mix of texture and tones. Elaine loved her style and made sure that what she chose and designed fitted exactly with her client’s taste.

This is something with Elaine feels is very important, “I want my clients to have individual homes and not an Elaine Skinner home, naturally they come to you because they like your portfolio but equally my clients want it to look as if I’d never been there”.

We added bespoke sofas and chairs in oversized dimensions and scales, with incredible high-end fabrics in colourways that most clients wouldn’t be brave enough to select. We married this with sumptuous double-sided fabrics in all the windows so that from the outside it was as interesting as it was inside. Cushions and accessories were then added for final layering and impact, ensuring that some had a soft side to lie against on a cold evening and a cool silk side to cool you down on the summer’s day.

Our Process:

Elaine spent plenty of time at the beginning of the project to ensure she truly understood exactly what the clients taste was and ensure that all her selections what done with her client eyes. Schemes were created for all of the bedrooms to ensure that the aspect was enhanced.

The Result:

The end result was a melting pot of some of the best fabrics you could ever choose. It was a pleasure to work on this property and for this client every step of the way.

Services Given:
Interior Design
Window Treatments
Fixtures, furnishing and equipment
Turn Key Finish