Truro High School, Truro

The Property:

An independent girls’ school in Truro needed a redesign of its reception area.

The Client Brief:

The school approached Elaine as they needed help to bridge many different eras of buildings and to encompass the Truro High School brand. Elaine was asked to redesign the reception area to ensure it linked to the heritage and architecture of the original school building. This heritage had in the past been taken for granted and not used to its full strength. Elaine was asked to come up with an interiors’ scheme, colours and finishes so that in future the school and its maintenance team could follow the guidelines of the scheme.

Our Process:

Elaine created a brand manual so that when changes were made continuity was maintained and the message of the brand repeated and kept intact. The school then have the ability to roll out the work themselves at any time in the future

The Result:

The old part of the school had a rich architecture which was enhanced and then tied seamlessly to the new areas. Outside spaces were linked in and the disjointed feel was starting to disappear. The maintenance team in the holidays are rolling out more and more of the scheme and slowly but surely everything is joining up.

Services Given:
Interior Design
Window Treatments
Bespoke Furniture
Project Management
Fixtures, furnishing and equipment
Turn Key Finish