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Presentation of your unfurnished property makes all the difference

“It’s a common fact that an unfurnished property tends to sell much slower than furnished properties”, says Elaine Skinner, Design Director at Hops and Camellias & Co. at leading Interior Design Agency with offices in Rock and Truro. “Furnished properties look better in photographs and attract more viewings because buyers can easily imagine themselves living in a property that is furnished. Especially one with good quality fixtures and fittings, that give a clearly defined function given to each room.”

The team at Hops and Camellias often get approached by Estate agents looking for property staging services to help them sell new builds or unfurnished properties. Faced with a ‘white box’, vendors typically borrow furniture from friends or family, but if the furniture is poor quality or mismatched or there is not enough of it, it does nothing to increase the property’s appeal. Large properties are blank canvases that often require much more than a ‘dressing’ service, so the danger is that you spend money and end up with a look that might only appeal to some buyers.

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Furniture pack solutions for unfurnished properties

If you are prepared to invest in selling your unfurnished property, then Hops and Camellias have developed three stylish furniture packs ready for the new holiday home investor or property developer. The packs are itemised by room and enable buyers or sellers to get a complete inventory done in one simple order. Whether you install packs for key rooms like the living room, dining room and master bedroom, or go for a whole house – the end result is a cohesive look that instantly adds value to your property.

A one-stop-shop solution

Each pack comes with set pricing and all items have been hand-picked by their interior designers based on 30 years’ experience of knowing what works in the high-end property market. They include everything from sofas, beds and dining tables to throws, art, lamps and even coat hooks! Everything you need to transform an empty, unfurnished property into a home.

A sound investment

Sellers are often able to recoup the cost of their investment by offering the contents of the design inventory for sale to the new buyer. Conversely, new buyers can see the value and convenience in purchasing new, quality furniture that is ready and waiting for them to simply move into their dream property or holiday home investment.

If you can’t afford to purchase new furniture to sell your unfurnished property, then Elaine advises:

1. Bank the images.

If possible, make sure any marketing materials or photographs are produced prior to removing furniture. If that’s too late then at least…

2. Make sure you decorate

When a property is unfurnished, every scuff, grubby finger mark or dirty skirting board is displayed for all to see, so it is vital that the property has a full makeover.

3. Inject some personality

When selling a house, it is best to keep colours as neutral as possible. However, this can make an unfurnished property look bland, so a little colour, whether a carpet or paintwork, can add warmth to an empty room.

4. Leave the curtains hanging

This is something that may give the slightest hint of home when there are no other furnishings there. This is also true of lamp shades or light fittings – bare light bulbs never show a property at its best!

5. Air the property

Even though the property is unfurnished and unoccupied make sure you go there regularly and before every single viewing. This will give you the chance to clean throughout and remove items such as post etc from the entrance to the property.

6. Keep up with the bills

Obviously, you don’t need to pay for things like telephone, TV or broadband packages, but some light and warmth for viewings will make a difference, particularly in the winter months.

7. Keep it maintained

“Nothing is more likely to put off a buyer than arriving at an unfurnished property when there has been a burst pipe or leaking water tank during the night”, finishes Elaine

Got an Interior Design dilemma? Contact Elaine at info@camelliainterioirs.co.uk and on Facebook, Twitter an Instagram.